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Is your furnace starting to show signs of wear? Are you looking to purchase a new heating system for your home? While it might be tempting to take care of these issues on your own, a faulty installation or amateur repair can leave you with an inefficient, unreliable, or downright dangerous furnace that ends up costing you more money than it’s worth.

When it comes to home heating, you’re always better off trusting the professionals. If you’re living in Flossmoor then that means getting in touch with the HVAC specialists at Quality Service Inc. Over the past 30 years we’ve helped local residents across Chicago with a range of heating concerns.

  • Our team has helped customers select the right heating equipment for their property.
  • We have installed and tested thousands of furnaces in homes of every type.
  • We provide urgent and cost-effective repairs for a wide range of major brand furnaces, using OEM guaranteed parts.
  • We provide comprehensive heating system inspections and tune-ups that help to restore furnaces to peak performance and ensure that they provide uninterrupted service for multiple decades.

As experienced heating service providers, we follow a tried and tested process that allows us to deliver effective solutions for residential furnaces in Flossmoor and the greater Chicago area.

How We Work

Initial Consultation

Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or a new installation, our service will always start with a call in which we establish the nature of the job at hand, your budget, and your ideal timeframe. Based on this call, we can determine the best time to send out our HVAC technician.

Inspection and Maintenance

At Quality Service, we want to help you get the most value out of your heating system. As a result, we will only recommend replacements when all other options have been exhausted. Generally, we find that the best way to preserve the efficiency and longevity of your furnace is through routine maintenance. Regular tune-ups are also necessary for maintaining your furnace warranty.

As part of our inspection and servicing, we will take a thorough look at various elements of your furnace including the wiring, filters, pilot light, safety controls, fans, ventilation, and heat exchanger to identify signs of deterioration. From there, we’ll work to clean, tighten, and lubricate relevant components of your equipment.


While some repairs and replacements (such as air filter replacements) are carried out as a routine part of your inspection certain parts may require more intensive repairs. These include:

  • Blower motors – Blades can be broken, debris can cause washers to stop working, and internal mechanisms can cease to function completely.
  • Air ducts can begin to leak.
  • Heat exchangers must be replaced immediately as faults can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.
  • A non-functional flame sensor can lead to holes developing in the body of the furnace. Immediate replacements are generally recommended.

Replacement and Installation

If your furnace does need to be replaced or you are simply looking to install a new heating system in your home then we can help to make the process as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

  • We will perform a full load calculation to determine the correct furnace size for your home.
  • We will recommend a range of equipment based on your budget, efficiency requirements, and the specific of your property.
  • We will inspect the installation area and in particular the ductwork to ensure that it is secure for installation.
  • We will remove the old furnace if necessary.
  • We will align the new furnace and connect it to the relevant energy source.
  • We will perform comprehensive testing to ensure that the unit is providing safe and effective heating.

To learn more about the Quality Service, Inc. and the heating services we provide to residents of Flossmoor, contact us today at (708) 746-1946.

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