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Hazel Crest Air Conditioning

Keeping Chicago Cool for Over 30 Years
There’s More to Your Air Conditioner than Meets the Eye

Beneath the hood of your A/C lies a complex assortment of precisely engineered components that have to work together perfectly to keep you cool in hottest temperatures. A minor change in internal or external factors can disrupt this delicate balance and turn your perfectly chilled home into an extremely uncomfortable environment.

What Could Go Wrong?

  • Adding a few new guests to your household could cause your unit to become overworked as it attempts to keep up.
  • The A/C refrigerant could lose its charge leading to ineffective cooling.
  • Air flow across the unit’s condensers may be obstructed which leads to less efficient heat transfer.
  • The A/C air filter may become clogged with dirt and debris, thus preventing cold air from circulating properly.

That’s just the start of your troubles. Once minor problems start to add up, more expensive repairs are only a few years (or months) away.

At Quality Service, our A/C technicians in Hazel Crest can fix those little niggles before they have the chance to turn into big headaches. Our team is made up of experienced HVAC specialists that have years of experience working on major brand cooling systems of every size and type including:

  • American Standard
  • Carrier
  • Goodman
  • Trane
  • Rheem
  • Lennox
  • Samsung
  • York

Their long service history allows them to find the most effective solutions for each customer. Whether you’re dealing with an A/C that only spit out warm air, a non-functional thermostat, a leaking unit, or a cooling system that won’t even turn on they will work to get your air conditioning back to peak performance as quickly and affordably as possible.

Our Hazel Crest A/C Technicians Will Save You Time and Money

At Quality Service we don’t believe in cutting corners. Our maintenance process follows an industry-leading 26 step checklist that covers every possible mechanical or electrical issue that could affect your A/Cs performance. We follow up each job with thorough testing to ensure that you always get what you paid for.

Our dedication to quality doesn’t just end at your doorstep either. All of our part replacements and labor carries a full year warranty that will provide you with extra assurance when you decide to fork out on a much-needed repair. We’ve built our reputation on our customers on great customer relationships across Hazel Crest and the Greater Chicago Area, and we’re always looking to add new names to that list.

If your unit has passed its 10-15 year shelf life, then we can still help you get the most cost-effective replacement possible. Our team will perform several calculations to find the optimal heat capacity for a new unit, and inspect your home’s ventilation systems to ensure that air flow is optimized for installation. Once we’ve found the model that best suits your needs, we’ll take care of the installation to our customer high standards. That’s the guarantee you get, when you work with professionals.

Struggling with your Air Conditioning? Look no further than Quality Service, Inc. For the past 30 years we have served residents of the South Suburbs including Hazel Crest. Call our HVAC Experts today at (708) 746-1946.

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