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Homewood Heating

Helping You Keep Your Home Warm Through Wind, Sleet, Snow, and Rain.

When temperatures start to fall, even the most welcoming home can become hard to inhabit. If you’re struggling to deal with another chilly autumn and winter, then you need to ensure that your home heating systems are up to the mark.

At Quality Service Inc. our HVAC technicians in Homewood can provide you with the expertise to keep your property cozy and comfortable in the colder seasons. Our team brings over three decades of experience in furnace maintenance, installation, and repairs to the job and they’re equipped to provide speedy support regardless of the circumstances. As experienced Homewood heating service providers they have personally handled almost all major brand furnaces, so you can be assured that they can tackle any issues that arise with your system.

Whether you need urgent repairs or you’re looking for advice on a new purchase our professionals are standing by to offer the assistance you need.

Our Homewood Heating Services

Furnace Installation

If your current furnace is on its last leg, then our team can help set you up with a suitable and affordable replacement.

  1. First, we will take a complete measurement of your property, inspect your insulation, and assess your current heating needs.
  2. Based on these insights, we can determine the ideal heat capacity of your furnace. The technician can also help you choose between electric or gas furnaces based on your budget and overall requirements for efficiency.
  3. Once you have chosen from the options offered, we will schedule your Homewood furnace installation. This can either be same-day, or at a later date depending on your needs.
  4. During the installation we will ensure that the furnace area is secured and that all possible leaks have been mitigated. We will also perform a full inspection of the fittings, vents, and electrical connections to ensure that the furnace can function effectively from day one.
  5. After installation we will take you over basic maintenance and operations of your furnace and answer any concerns you might have.

Furnace Maintenance

Ideally, your furnace should provide you with uninterrupted service for 15-20 years before replacement. However, this will require regular maintenance of your heating system. Consistent inspections and servicing can help you reduce your monthly energy bill and will ultimately allow your furnace to function effectively for far longer.

Our Homewood furnace maintenance services include:

  • Pilot light cleaning and adjustment.
  • Pressure checks.
  • Leak inspection.
  • Ignition system check.
  • Electrical connection testing.
  • Air filters replacement.
  • Thermostat calibration.
  • Inspection of heating vents.

Furnace Repairs

A deteriorating or non-functional furnace isn’t just a source of frustration during winter months; it can be a legitimate safety concern for you and your family members. If your furnace develops a carbon monoxide leak then your unit will need to be repaired or replaced immediately. The best way to prevent these situations is by taking care of any necessary repairs as soon as they occur.

Our furnace repair technicians in Homewood are available to offer immediate and affordable repairs for all types of issues. From minor fixes to parts replacements we can get your system working again as quickly as possible.

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