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How Can a New Furnace Reduce Heating Costs?

Posted By: Admin
Posted On: 21 Feb 2019

In the last few years, the energy prices have substantially increased due to higher demand and upsurge of fuel prices. This trend is expected to continue in the upcoming years; thus people are using creative ways to reduce their energy bills by employing several techniques. One of the smart ways to reduce your heating consumption is by purchasing a new furnace. A new energy-efficient furnace installed by a competent HVAC contractor will help you save a considerable amount of money in the long run. How? Let’s find out!

Energy Savings

Owing to the advancement in technological area, the newer energy furnaces available in the market are simply more energy efficient. Old furnaces usually operate at around 60% to 70% efficiency level that means the rest is wasted. However, most of the latest top-quality furnaces offer up to 95% efficiency, which tremendously cuts down the energy waste. This improved level of efficiency translates into significant energy savings. As a rough estimate, you can save around 30 to 40 cents on every dollar you spend in heating costs.

Furthermore, the output level of your old furnace will be reduced, which may result in your heater running 24 hours during winters and still might be unable to maintain optimal temperature. On the other hand, the newer furnace installed by an experienced HVAC contractor will work efficiently, reducing the need of keep it running all the time. This will further contribute to energy savings, decreasing the overall costs pertinent to heating costs.

Reduction in Repair Expenses

New furnaces offer much more than reduced amount of energy bills. It also comes with a longer life span and reduces the need of frequent repairs. These repairs can be quite expensive and climb to hundreds of dollars, especially furnaces which are very old. Also, the components can be often short in supply, making the repairs more expensive, not to mention the labor cost.

On the other hand, a new furnace installed by a professional will only require routine maintenance which will be very light on your pocket. Moreover, a new heater will distribute the heat evenly and more effectively, making you feel much more comfortable and cozy in your house, that too while saving on repair costs.

Federal Tax Credits

There is one more way a new furnace can help you save money that many people tend to ignore — Federal tax credits. Under government’s ‘going green’ campaign, a person can incentivize by installing appliances that are environmentally friendly. You can claim up to $500 in tax credits by filing a firm available from IRS, which will help you with the purchase of your new, energy efficient furnace.

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