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Chicago winters are notoriously harsh, but a well-maintained furnace can keep even the most freezing temperatures at bay. However, if these critical heating systems are operated in sub-optimal conditions then they become prone to failures and breakdowns.

When that happens, the only way to ensure to ensure that your home remains comfortable for the rest of the season is to pay up for urgent repairs or an immediate furnace replacement.

Put Your Heating System in Professional Hands

At Quality Service, our furnace technicians in Monee can tackle all of your HVAC issues with ease. Our services follow industry-standard guidelines and each of our team members is trained to work with major brand furnaces of all types.

From installations to routine tune-ups and major repairs they do it all so that you never have to worry about whether your furnace will make it through another year.

If you need dependable, skilled, and cost-effective solutions for your heating concerns then we’re the ones to call.

The Furnace Installation Process

Need to replace your aging furnace? Our HVAC professionals in Monee can guide you through the process and oversee the installation of all component parts, thus ensuring that your heating system provides exceptional performance for years to come.

  • We will size the installation site and calculate the optimal heat load for your home.
  • We will source an OEM furnace that provides adequate heat output. The technician can offer a wide variety of options depending on your budget.
  • We will remove the older furnace in a safe and efficient manner, taking particular care not to damage surrounding ductwork or wiring so that the replacement can be easily installed.
  • We will place and secure the new furnace, hook it up to the power supply and connect it to the ducts.
  • For gas-powered furnaces we will attach the unit to the gas line before wiring it to the home thermostat.
  • Finally, we will conduct comprehensive testing to verify that there are no leaks, loose connections or performance issues with the unit itself.
  • Once we are assured that the furnace is working to full efficiency we will provide you with recommendations on the optimal use of the heating system and answer any last-minute concerns.

Full-Service Tune Up

We’re of the firm belief that a replacement should always be a last resort for your furnace. With effective and ongoing care, a good system should be able to offer at least 15 years of excellent service without any issue.

The best way to optimize your furnace’s energy efficiency, lifespan, and general performance is through an annual furnace tune-up.

Our HVAC team provides comprehensive maintenance service for customers across Monee and the Greater Chicago area.

We can also inform customers of any larger repairs that are required on their unit and provide a basic estimate for the necessary parts replacement. If you give us the go-ahead then we will take care of sourcing and installing the necessary parts through OEM channels. All workmanship is guaranteed for a full year.

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