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Home Cooling Installation in Chicago & NW Indiana


Quality Services Inc. has been installing, maintaining and repairing home cooling systems in Chicagoland and NW Indiana for nearly 30 years. Our technicians consist of experienced professionals with expertise in various areas of the HVAC system. This allows us to offer specialized services of superior quality and cost-efficient solutions other service providers in the region cannot always deliver. Instead of sending you a general technician, we will send you an HVAC expert who has experience troubleshooting the problem you are facing in your cooling system.


The condition of your HVAC system running through your home is central to ensuring your comfort during the summer, especially when we can reach very warm temperatures. With any component of the system not working properly, you can expect a number of problems, such as unexpectedly high energy bills, frequent system breakdowns during the hot weather, and poor indoor air quality, all of which can lead to discomfort and avoidable expenditures.

At Quality Service, Inc., we advise our customers to have their HVAC system checked by experts each year to avoid any surprises, especially when you’ll need it most.

Our licensed technicians can also provide you complete HVAC installation services in Chicagoland and NW Indiana. We believe it is important to hire a seasoned professional when replacing your HVAC system as proper installation of a new HVAC united means increased efficiency and superior performance. Our experts make sure your system is installed and configured for optimum performance.


There are many signs that should that will tell you to get your HVAC unit looked at. Some of these signs are obvious and others not so much. Below is a short list of some of the signs you should keep an eye on:

  • Low or no cold air coming out of the vents in some or all the rooms in the house
  • Uneven temperature across your home
  • Cooling system needing more time than usual to reach the right temperature
  • High utility bills
  • A cooling system making strange noises while it starts up or shuts down

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you should call the HVAC experts at Quality Service, Inc. at (708) 748-1946 for a free consultation. We conduct a thorough check up of your system to identify what the problem is, and how it can be fixed.

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